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VINTAGE -- Neumann KM253/64 Condenser Mic


Original KM253c body with KK54/64 Caspule


Neumann KM253

Up for consideration is a vintage Neumann KM253c condenser microphone with the KK54/64/84 cardioid capsule & adapter collar. These vimtage Neumann mics are highly coveted for acoustic instruments, especially guitar, and overheads. You will find these mics in widespread use in all the great recording studios, like Abbey Road, where they still use four KM53s, ten KM54s, five KM64s, and twenty-Two KM-84s!!! On the retail vintage market, a Neumann KM-64 or KM-54/64 sells for $3,000, so here is your chance to pick up a very nice sounding KM253 with a KK64/84 capsule, at a nearly a 50% discount!!!

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* Polar Pattern: Cardioid
* Serial: 134
* Collar Serial: 4008
* Connector: Tuchel
* Threads Perfectly
* AC701 Tube
* Made in Germany
* Made in January, 1962

These mics is in very good condition considering that it is almost 50 or so years old, with just minor scratches and dings from normal use. Click here for 1270 DPI Hi-Res Photos. The threads on the capsule work perfectly, and this mic has been fitted with a KM-54 body tube, presumably to make it obvious that it now has a cardioid capsule on it. It would be also compatible with the KK83 omni capsule (equiooed with this needle length), and also the original KK53 capsule, should you be lucky enough to have one. It is also worth considering as a working parts mic, as a good sounding AC701 tube can cost $750 all by itself, then you have the unobtainium transformer for $250 and the capsule for $500, and for the price of the parts, you get a great sounding, very usable mic!

This mic sounds wonderful, with very low self-noise. I used it briefly for tracking Classical Harp Guitar, and it sounds warm, detailed and very musical. The previous owner had used it only for 30 hours over the last 10 years, when it was put together by David Carroll Audio. I really don't want to sell this mic, but must do so to pay for some other vintage gear.

Here are some quick, 1-take MP3 sound files showing how the mic sounds through a Presonus ADL 600 preamp into a Rosetta 200 A/D converter. No EQ or effects.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


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USA shipping is $15.00 via FedEx Ground , with insurance. All sales are final, so please ask questions first. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I do accept PayPal. Thanks for looking. This auction is for a Neumann KM-253/64 microphone. No other accessories are included, but if you need a cable or power supply, I can sell you a Mogami cable for $100, and Dan Alexander Dual Power Supply (powers two KM-53/4s) for $299.

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